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About me:

Howdy this is Tory!  Thanks for dropping by my website. If you’re wondering what this place is, it is simply a place where I can share some the stuff that I’ve learned over my years being and media and video.

You guessed it I am often times the guy holding the camera. I’m also the guy that sits in his office and spends countless hours editing video after we have recorded something. Post production clean up. All of those things if you follow them to any degree would probably lead you to a guy like me. I am probably one of the most under-appreciated employees around. This blog is simply a way for me to give back in get a few things off my chest in the process. Don’t hate appreciate. I mean seriously half the time I spend doing all this stuff and nobody I mean nobody actually appreciates it. However, without me, they would have nothing. Seriously and I know I sound redundant. They would have nothing. Nobody really wants to be the janitor of media. But every successful production needs someone like me.

That is probably the difference between me and most people. I don’t really want to be in front of the camera and usually, really usually, I am content to be behind the camera and to go pretty much unnoticed altogether. I am not the most extroverted individual. I am a kind of keep to myself, quiet type of guy. I mean I can joke with other people just like the rest of them. And banter probably should be my middle name. But what I mean is that I really don’t need any recognition from the public. Yet, it would be nice to be appreciated by my peers every once in a while.

Does it happen frequently? Hell no.

But the one thing that I do love about what I do is the fact that at any given time I can look back over the years and see the things that my hand help make. It is tremendously rewarding. I liken it to a person that owns real estate. There’s definitely something to be said for driving down the road where you know you own three or four of the houses.

That would be a cool feeling. Now, I don’t own any roads of houses. LOL But when I walk through the media department or simply scroll through the computer I see all of these productions that I have had a hand in. Productions that if I hadn’t been there would have been different. They would’ve not turned out the way they did. That is why I feel like being in this industry can be significantly rewarding.

I would never want to dissuade somebody from learning more about production and media. There are tons of good schools out there that you can learn from. Most of the stuff that I learned however has all been on the job.

How did I get started? Well… there was a guy that was a cameraman who I knew. He was the guy that got me involved in it. He went to my church and he told me a little bit about video editing. I remember the first time I fulled around with video editing software. Understanding timelines and fade ins and fade outs and stuff like that were all Greek to me. But this guy helped me. He helped me eventually put together my own production of a little thing I was working on.

One day he asked me if I wanted to be more involved in what he did and without hesitation I agreed. That led me on a journey to be involved with video, media, production, and editing sense. I don’t think I would turn back a day off time at this point. I realize that this industry has chosen me. I am forever involved in it and will be that way until they put me into a pine wooden box.

So I say I love it and you would probably love it too. Thank you for visiting my site I hope that you can learn something about what I do such that it helps you decide what you want to do in life.

I guess my last thought about all of this is that what better way to leave your mark on the world and and then video and production. I mean in years to come I think this will continue to play a major role and an even bigger role in education, documentation and lifestyle.